Nehring Associates was founded in 1983 to provide strategic information services to the upstream petroleum industry in North America and to public and private organizations related to it. Despite the great importance of oil and gas production to the national economy, analyses of the upstream industry and its contributions have suffered from a lack of relevant, complete, coherent, and consistent information.

We provide these services through the various components of our Significant Oil and Gas Fields of the United States Database and through consulting using this Database. Our corporate strategy emphasizes continuous product and process innovation to increase the value of our Database to our customers. During our first fifteen years, we focused on expanding the features and coverage of the Database. During the past decade, we emphasized creating analytical tools that make the Database easier to use for our customers. In order to facilitate more rigorous evaluation of unconventional plays, since 2010 we have emphasized linking producible wells to our fields, reservoirs, and plays (the Well Cross-Reference table) and providing extensive spatial display capabilities for the Database to facilitate more rigorous evaluation of unconventional plays.

In addition to innovative design, we have also emphasized careful research conducted according to rigorous professional standards in developing the Database and its subsequent updates. To maintain these standards, we have maintained a highly knowledgeable and experienced research staff. Our founder and president – Richard Nehring – has more than forty years of experience in oil and gas field Database design, development, and use. Our two most senior research associates – Ron Jagger and Kevin King – have a combined experience with us of more than 50 years. Beginning with our initial release, we have stressed thorough testing and editing of the Database prior to each annual release to minimize research and entry errors.

For further information, see Richard Nehring, President

Mr. Nehring has written more than 25 papers and presentations using the Database.