The Significant Oil and Gas Fields of the United States Database is available for your use in two ways:


For those who use the Database repeatedly, conduct systematic intensive studies of entire basins or regions, or analyze large numbers of fields and/or reservoirs, licensing is the cost-effective choice.

The Database may be licensed by individual component or integrated combinations of any of these components:

  • Field and Reservoir Database
  • Play Characteristics Table
  • Well Cross-Reference Table
  • Field and Reservoir Outlines

Licenses may be national, regional, multi-regional, or limited to individual basins (provinces) or states/districts. Licenses for the Play Characteristics Table are only national.

For licensing information and the current price schedules for the Field and Reservoir Database and for the Play Characteristics Table, the Well-Cross Reference Table and the Field and Reservoir Outlines, and fully integrated combinations of all components of the Database, contact:

Richard Nehring, President
Phone: 719-630-1650
Fax: 719-630-1847
E-mail: [email protected]

Detailed technical descriptions of the Field and Reservoir Database, the Play Characteristics Table, and the Well Cross-Reference Table can also be obtained by contacting Mr. Nehring.


This service offers a convenient, objective, economical, and quick source of information for strategic decisions.

It enables our customers to use our extensive experience in upstream evaluation and our detailed knowledge of play, field, reservoir, and well data immediately. Avoid the intricacies of data collection, validation, retrieval, and manipulation or linking the database to other sources of information, such as well data.

Don’t get bogged down at the expense of the decisions you want and need to make!

This service is the cost-effective choice for those who only need the database for one-time uses (such as play reconnaissance) or who need only a highly limited set of data. Database licensees may also use this service to take advantage of our experience in analyzing quickly the data they have licensed or linking the database to other sources of information, such as well data.

The primary focus of this service is to provide information by play, groups of plays (such as regional productive trends or chronostratigraphic units), or by basin. Customers can also obtain groups of field and reservoirs selected by such categories as size (e.g., the fifty largest fields), similar reservoir properties, period of discovery (e.g., all discoveries in the past ten years), or geographic area (e.g., all reservoirs in A, B, and C counties).

All of the elements of upstream analysis are available through the Basin and Play Evaluation Service:

  • Size Distributions by Field, Reservoir, or Play
  • Recent Recovery Growth by Field, Reservoir, or Play
  • Distributions of Reservoir Rock and Fluid Characteristics
  • Production Histories by Field, Reservoir, or Play
  • Discovery Histories by Field or Reservoir
  • Development Intensity and Economics
  • Drilling Histories by Play
  • Distributions of Well Productivity

Detailed listing of the range of retrieval possibilities

The Basin and Play Evaluation Service provides an economical means of developing spatial-temporal analyses of drilling by play and of creating spatial distributions of well productivity by play for both individual and small groups of plays.

To use the Basin and Play Evaluation Service, contact either:

Chris Lewis
Phone: 415-455-0212
Fax: 415-785-3206
E-mail: [email protected]


Richard Nehring, President
Phone: 719-630-1650
Fax: 719-630-1847
E-mail: [email protected]

Based on the decisions you need to make, we can suggest the data and displays that will be most useful for you and provide you with a written quotation of the price and deliverables. We can deliver all but the biggest orders within three to five business days by fax, email, or overnight express.