Richard Nehring, President

Richard Nehring has been President of Nehring Associates since the founding of the company in 1983. During this period, he designed the Significant Oil and Gas Fields of the United States Database and its subsequent expansions and directed the initial development and subsequent updates, upgrades, and expansions of the Database. Since the initial release of the Database in 1985, Mr. Nehring has written more than 25 papers and presentations using the Database. (See PUBLICATIONS)

Since 1980, Mr. Nehring has served on numerous professional and scientific committees dealing with oil and gas resource and supply issues, including three National Petroleum Council task groups and four National Research Council Committees. He has been a member of AAPG’s Committee on Resource Evaluation since its founding in 1993 and was chairman of this committee from 2011 to 2014. He was also Chairman and organizer of the AAPG Hedberg Research Conference on Understanding World Oil Resources in November, 2006. (See PUBLICATIONS)

Prior to founding Nehring Associates, Mr. Nehring was project director of fossil fuel supply issues for the Energy Policy Program of the Rand Corporation for ten years. His major studies during this period covered giant oil fields and world oil resources, the discovery history and size distribution of U.S. oil and gas fields and their implications for ultimate resources, the heavy oil resources of the United States, and Mexico’s petroleum and U.S. policy.