The Significant Oil and Gas Fields of the United States Database provides full spatial display capabilities for each data level in the database.

These spatial display capabilities by level include:

The Field and Reservoir Outlines in the Database have been created using an innovative proprietary methodology developed for Nehring Associates by ALLPOINTS GIS that provides for a close fit, “realistically smooth” outlines, and reduced processing times. This methodology also enables us to provide both field and reservoir outlines (we are the only vendor who provides the latter).

Different levels of these display capabilities can be readily combined, for example, associating play outlines with its reservoir outlines and all the well locations within these reservoirs.

The outlines and locations can be readily combined with other layers of information such as base geography and regional geology.


The spatial display capabilities of the Database are “smart” capabilities. They not only provide outlines and locations; they also link those outlines and locations to an extensive array of information. This information includes:

A few examples of the spatial display capabilities of the database can be seen in the illustrations for Field Information, Reservoir Information, and the Well Cross-Reference Table.